Are YOU Ready To Rock?

So Much Energy.... It Should Be Illegal.

Imagine everyone's favorite Rock bands from the 70's and 80's getting together all in one place, playing every hit you grew up with, just as you remember it. Vividly taking you back to a specific time and place, sparking memories of some of the best times in your life. Now imagine fitting all that concert awesomeness into a local club, corporate or private event. Unreal right? Not anymore!

5th Kind is a musical group comprised of some of Memphis' top musicians. Still new to the scene, banding in fall of 2011, 5th Kind has quickly become a favorite to a very large fan base and a must see for any music lover. Much like an arena concert setting, each show captivates the entire audience with a non-stop onslaught of rock anthems and rarely heard classics from the 70's and 80's.

Constantly challenging themselves, pushing the limits of any musician, 5th Kind wields their renditions of the most in-depth musical pieces, spotlighting amazing musicianship, incredible vocals and hair raising harmonies with each offering. Whether it be a large concert stage or a club in the Memphis area, 5th Kind proves the most compelling and entertaining show you could hope to find anywhere.


Hear what others have to say about the 5th kind on and off the stage!

Larry Linton

Being a Fair Promoter, i've had the opportunity to see many bands, but none better than "5th kind". These guys are incredible musicians that pump out a killer sound.There are a lot of bands in Memphis Tn. These guys are the best! Trust me on this one and see them when you can. You will not be disappointed.
-Larry Linton, Fair Promotions

Rick Hale

"When it comes to Memphis Music, there's 5th Kind and then there's every other kind!"
-Rick Hale, Owner: TriMax Entertainment Group.

Cindy DeBardelaben

"5th Kind plays with perfection, the music that takes you back in time and rocks your mind and body! Its the Rock of Ages you can experience up close and in person!”
-Cindy DeBardelaben Director of Marketing, Entercom Radio Memphis

Brent Ross

"5th Kind is one of those rare bands with a blend of talent that allows them to cover songs no other band would attempt, then they Knock (Rock) It Out Of The Park!"
-Brent Ross, Chief Technical Architect, FedEx Services

Brian Ervin

"They are like the best concerts you've ever been to rolled into one night. If I could bottle up their energy and talent and sell it, I'd make millions! These guys put on a $100 a seat show in any venue!"
-Brian Ervin, Owner and Cheif Graphic Designer for and Local Drummer.